Chocolate Milk after your workout helps your body recover.

After an intense workout, your body needs to recover before you can get back at it. With its 55 grams of carbohydrates and 17 grams of protein per 500mL serving, chocolate milk gives you the complete nutrition you need after a workout. When you drink it after intense exercise (ideally within 15 to 30 minutes), it helps you refuel, recharge and get ready for tomorrow’s workout. Make chocolate milk part of your workout routine to help your body recover.

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When you train hard, you sweat hard. And all of those fluids and electrolytes you lose working out need to be replaced if you want to keep performing at the top of your game. Chocolate milk is made up of 87% water and naturally contains electrolytes including both sodium and potassium, making it an important part of your workout routine.

If you exercise at a high intensity for more than 60 minutes, or if you sweat a lot during exercise, replacing electrolytes becomes important. Electrolytes include salt (sodium, chloride) and potassium which regulate many body functions. Chocolate milk naturally contains both sodium and potassium.


During your workout, your body uses carbohydrate stores (called glycogen) in your muscles for energy. As glycogen becomes depleted, so does your ability to perform at your peak. But, every time you drink chocolate milk within 30 minutes after intense exercise, these stores are replenished with carbohydrates so you can work out harder and longer the next day1,2.


When you continually push yourself with intense workouts, you need protein to help you recover. The protein in chocolate milk can help to repair damaged muscle tissues and promote muscle growth3. Whether it's on the field, at the track or in the gym, drink chocolate milk within 30 minutes of exercise for a wholesome and simple way to recharge and prepare for tomorrow’s workout.

See how chocolate milk stacks up


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