Chocolate Milk has protein that most sports drinks lack.

After they work out, a lot of athletes reach for sports drinks because they contain both carbohydrates and electrolytes. But unless they’re fortified, most sports drinks lack the vitamins, minerals and protein you find in chocolate milk. Protein is especially important post training, since it helps enhance recovery by repairing damaged muscle tissue and promoting muscle growth.

Chocolate Milk contains nutrients that help you rehydrate and recharge.

Water helps you rehydrate after a hard workout, but your body also needs carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein if you want to recover fast and be ready to get back at it tomorrow. Chocolate milk contains all of these nutrients and is also good for hydration.

Chocolate Milk has the protein and carbs to help you recover right after a workout.

Vitamin-fortified water has many of the same benefits of regular water in terms of keeping you hydrated. Chocolate milk can also help you rehydrate, plus it contains carbohydrates to help you recharge and protein to help build and repair muscles after you work out.

Chocolate Milk has the protein you need to build and repair your muscles.

Energy drinks contain caffeine, and may help you stay more alert. However, they don't contain protein which helps to repair your muscles after a workout. Choosing chocolate milk after your workout will give you more protein to get you recharged and back in the game tomorrow.

Chocolate Milk has carbs & electrolytes, plus protein for your muscles.

Like chocolate milk, fruit juice has a combination of electrolytes, carbohydrates and fluid. However, chocolate milk also contains protein that helps build and repair your muscles after an intense workout.

Chocolate Milk has more electrolytes than cola, plus protein for recovery.

Most pop contains similar levels of carbohydrates to a 500 mL serving of chocolate milk. However, chocolate milk has higher levels of electrolytes and contains the protein your muscles need to recover after a high-intensity workout. Unlike pop, chocolate milk also contains essential vitamins and minerals.

Chocolate Milk costs almost half as much as the average protein shake.

Protein powders contain many of the essential nutrients your body requires after a workout, but they have far more protein than most exercisers need. And at nearly half the price of most powders, chocolate milk's 17 grams of protein per 500mL serving provide most people with the protein they need to help repair muscle damage and be ready for their next workout.

Chocolate Milk and white milk can both help you recharge.

Chocolate milk and white milk are both great choices as a post workout beverage. The right choice for you all comes down to how you exercise.

If you work out every day at a high intensity for prolonged periods (such as a running or hockey), you may need the higher levels of carbohydrates found in chocolate milk to replenish muscle glycogen burned during exercise. More casual exercisers will probably not need the additional carbs and would be better with white milk.

All data based on the Canadian Nutrient File 2007b.

*All beverage comparisons are based on 500mL.