Working out a Plan: Andrew Chak

Monday 08 December 2014

Watch as Recharge Rewards Contest winner Andrew Chak shares his workout routine in this short video, and find out how planning his workouts and sticking to a routine help him get the most out of each and every training session.


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Reaching for Your Goals: Andrew Chak

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Setting a goal may seem simple, but staying the course can prove to be the greater challenge. We asked Andrew Chak what helps him stay motivated and how he keeps sight of his objectives when the going gets tough. 

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Muscle Growth and Exercise Performance

Tuesday 04 November 2014

Gaining lean muscle mass can be a performance and aesthetic goal for athletes.  Although genetics plays an important role, it is crucial to include a well-designed training program along with a nutrient-rich diet that includes adequate calories and protein, which are the main stimulants for muscle growth and improved exercise performance. The amount and timing of protein intake from the diet are important regulators of muscle growth.

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